Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Boeing Gives Up On Interoperable Modelling and SimulationNnetworks

Last week a Flightglobal article reported on the softening of Boeing's stance on the need to establish standards for networking protocols across the US and global defence industry. Citing the company's 2004 efforts in creating the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium "to create a body of standards for defence and aerospace firms", their position has apparently changed because open source information is sufficient to meet the objectives of most simulations and the value added by a network's density is not nearly as great as previously believed.

I personally believe that the ability to connect network through internet protocols, the rise of open systems and the viability of cloud computing technologies have just made industry specific networking protocols obsolete. I also see the inclusion of a cloud computing session in the NCOIC September Plenary speaks volumes for the future of this approach.
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