Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December NCOIC Plenary Presentations

Presentations from the NCOIC Cloud Computing sessions held earlier this month have been posted on-line in the Federal Cloud Computing wiki. The event featured speakers from IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, and Salesforce. Access is free, but registration is required.

Cloud Computing for Net-Centric Operations
  • NCOIC - Bob Marcus (Leader NCOIC Cloud Computing Team). Slides."Cloud Computing for Net-Centric Operations"
  • HP - Shawn Sami (Chief Technologist, HP Software Federal). Slides."Secure Cloud Computing and RACE"
  • - Peter Coffee (Director of Platform Research). Slides."Building Mission-Critical SaaS Applications"
  • IBM - David Lindquist (Cloud Computing Chief Architect and IBM Fellow). Slides."IBM's Perspective on Cloud Computing"
  • Cisco - Glenn Dasmalchi (Chief of Staff, Cisco CTO Office). Slides. - James Urquhart (Marketing Manager for Cloud Computing)"Cloud Computing: Trends and Opportunity"
  • Microsoft - Stan Freck (Director, Software + Services – US Public Sector). Slides."Software + Services – the next generation of computing"

    NCOIC Cloud Computing Ad Hoc Team Sessions (8:00 - 5:00)

    Morning: Enterprise Cloud Computing. Standards, and Open Source
  • NCOIC - Bob Marcus. Slides."Open Questions for Enterprise Cloud Computing"
    Open Questions for Enterprise Cloud Computing
  • Dataline- Kevin Jackson. Slides.Report on Enterprise Cloud Computing Session at the World Summit of Cloud Computing
  • Report on Enterprise Cloud Computing Session at the World Summit of Cloud Computing
  • Elastra - Stuart Charlton, Cloud middleware using markup languages (ECML, EDML). Slides.
  • Eucalyptus - Sunil Soman, Open Source Infrastructure similar to Amazon. Slides."Eucalyptus Open Source Cloud Computing System"
  • 3Tera -Bert Armijo, Cloudware architecture. Slides."Clouds Don't have Boundaries"
  • Sun - Joseph Mangin. Slides."Cloud Computing"
  • Open Cloud Consortium - Robert Grossman, Open Cloud Consortium. Slides. "The Open Cloud Consortium"
  • Open Grid Forum - Craig Lee, Open Grid Forum. Slides. "Cloud, Standards, and Net-Centric Operations from an OGF Perspective"

Afternoon: Cloud Computing for Tactical Networks

  • DoD OSD NII - John Daly. Slides."Cloud Computing for Tactical Networks"
  • Dataline- Kevin Jackson. Slides."SOA-R and Cloud Computing in the US Government"
  • DARPA - James Snyder discussed at NCOIC Plenary Panel. Slides."Disruption Tolerant Networking Program"


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