Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama. A New Day for Cloud Computing !!

Yesterday, President Barack Obama's transition team released a new video touting the benefits of cloud computing and government transparency.

"Cloud computing, which allows consumers and institutions to access their files and projects anywhere via the Internet "is an important change for the federal government because it is dramatically cheaper than the old fashioned way of doing computing infrastructure," said team member Andrew McLaughlin, head of global public policy and government affairs for Google, a longtime supporter of cloud services.

As stated by Andrew McLaughlin, Technology Innovation and Governmental Reform, a shift to cloud computing represents one of the most important transformations that the Federal government will go through over the next 10 years. "The First Cybergenic President of America" is sure to make cloud computing, along with the Blackberry, a major tool for realizing his goal of remaking America. Paul McDougall of Information Week stated it rather bluntly today in his blog, "IT Could Make Or Break Obama Presidency"

Wonder if there will be any related executive orders today :-)