Monday, June 1, 2009

Secure Cloud Computing on Federal News Radio

Last week the Trezza Media Group, Flyzik Group and Federal News Radio combined to produce an outstanding Federal Executive Forum on Secure Cloud Computing. Moderated by Jim Flyzik, panelist included:
  • Henry Sienkiewcz-Technical Program Director, Computer Services, Defense Information Systems Agency 
  • Mr. Ronald Bechtold-Army Architecture Integration Center, at Headquarters, Department of the Army, Chief Information Office/G6 
  • Curt Aubley-Technology Officer CTO Operations & Next Generation Solutions, Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Services
  • Dale Wickizer-Chief Technology Officer-Public Sector, NetApp, Inc.
  • Aileen Black- Vice President of Public Sector, VMware Inc.
Key points I gleaned from the discussion include:
  • Cloud Computing has provided an inflection point in government information technology that is changing the paradigm for delivering services
  • The biggest challenge to adopting cloud computing is in re-educating the workplace. 
  • The reduction is cost and increase in efficiency have proven to be key to the success of cloud computing
  • DISA has shown that a STIG'ed or Non-STIG'ed, Windows or LAMPs, test and evaluation  environment can be provisioned in the DoD in 24 hours. Unfortunately, 23 of those hours involves moving the money.
  • A new DISA project, DISA Extended Edge Presence (DEEP), has been launched in order to quickly deliver applications and content to "dis-enfranchised" DoD users
  • Cloud computing allows for end-to-end infrastructure visibility, providing an ability to fight through a cyber attack.
  • DISA is developing a host-tenant model for applications and application certifications.  Using this model, tenant application in "DISA decks" will inherit the infrastructure certification. Using this model, the application developer will only be responsible for accrediting the application stack.
Video and audio of the entire discussion is available online at:

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