Monday, April 4, 2011

Melvin Greer Cited by IBM for Cloud Computing Innovation

Congratulations to my good friend Melvin Greer for being awarded IBM's first ever ACE Award!!

“Melvin Greer, Lockheed Martin Senior Fellow has won IBM’s first ever Awarding Customer Excellence (ACE) Award for Innovation, which recognizes his work in applying Cloud computing toward the development of innovative solutions and mission applications that demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness and real-world problem solving. Mr. Greer will be presented the award by Steve Mills, IBM Senior VP and Group Executive Software & Systems on April 12th during the general session at the IBM Impact 2011 Global Conference. ”. 

I have been collaborating with Mel on cloud computing for over two years. He currently serves as Vice Chairman on the NCOIC Cloud Computing Working Group and as the industry lead on the NIST USG Business Use Case Working Group. The ACE award session The session will be attend by 10,000+ people and broadcast live to a global audience.

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