Sunday, May 29, 2011

78 Agency Services Identified for Cloud Transition

The Office of Management and Budget recently released a list of 78 projects slated for transition to cloud over the next year. The most common application, according to a FierceGovernmentIT, is email, with 14 agencies deciding to choose a cloud version. A close second is website hosting, with 10 agencies. The move is expected to esult in over $5B in budget savings.  Vivek Kundra discussed the transition last week during an appearance in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

GSA also recently released a request for proposal for SaaS email. The RFP appears to be looking to leverage the earlier GSA IaaS procurement winners.


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Larry Medina said...

Sounds like another clear case of failure to analyze prior to leaping. There are numerous examples of where email is NOT the best 'first choice' to leap into the cloud with, depending on the content of your email. Another consideration is WHO manages the cloud and WHERE the data (and it's mirrored or replicated content) will reside. The natural assumption is Federal Agencies would want the content to remain onshore, including backups, and some cloud service providers charge a premium for this... if they offer it as an option at all.

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