Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Federal Tech Talk: Cloud Transition Challenges in Government and Industry

Cloud Computing is revolutionizing today's business marketplace. While "learning the art of the possible", corporate executives today are struggling with the business and security challenges associate with this important transition. Just last month, Dell released its first Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI) which indicated that 97% of organizations surveyed use or plan to use cloud. This high percentage is not surprising given that the data also showed a strong correlation between cloud use and company growth. Of those using cloud, 72 percent of organizations surveyed experienced 6 percent growth or more in the last three years, with just 4% experiencing zero or negative growth.

In this Federal Tech Talk interview, Kevin L Jackson has a practical discussion on both the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing with host John Gilroy of Lectromec. Federal Tech Talk looks at the world of high technology in the federal government. John speaks the language of federal CISOs, CIOs and CTOs, and gets into the specifics for government IT systems integrators. He covers the latest government initiatives and the latest technology news for the federal IT manager and government contractor. Podcast is available at http://www.federalnewsradio.com/254/3754051/Kevin-Jackson----from-one-cloud-to-another

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