Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Correlative Analytics: Cloud Computing Google Mindshare

Correlative Analytics (A.K.A. "The Google Way of Science") postulates that extremely large databases of information, starting in the petabyte level, may be sufficient to skip the theory part of the scientific method. This line of thought promises that "googling" can now be used to make predicted observation on the nature of all sorts of things. Although I'm not a scientist, I thought that a Google "Mindshare" Analysis on cloud computing would be interesting.

First, I googled "cloud computing" and came up with a little over 1 million documents. I then "and-ed" that term with others I've routinely seen within the cloud computing space. The results were then used to come up with each terms "Cloud Computing Google Mindshare".

I'm sure that this snapshot doesn't say much, but as a baseline for a future Google Mindshare analysis, it could be valuable.

How do you think this could help in understanding the cloud computing marketplace? Please comment.

Term Cloud Computing Google Mindshare
Amazon 81.56%
Google 42.75%
Microsoft 40.73%
Yahoo 26.06%
IBM 22.29%
HP 16.15%
Intel 16.06%
Rackspace 8.83%
Cisco 8.22%
3Tera 5.55%
MobileMe 2.27%
Reuven Cohen 1.60%
Eric Schmidt 1.34%
Akamai 1.13%
Mosso 1.00%
Nirvanix 0.99%
DoD 0.88%
Boeing 0.78%
Gigaspaces 0.74%
DHS 0.41%
DISA 0.40%
Appistry 0.36%
Enomalism 0.31%
BAE 0.29%
Lockheed Martin 0.28%
Geva Perry 0.25%
Intelligence Community 0.24%
Northrop Grumman 0.21%
Raytheon 0.17%
Peter Laird 0.15%
BAH 0.12%
Bob Lozano 0.12%
General Dynamics 0.11%
Appirio 0.10%
XAP 0.09%