Friday, March 26, 2010

Cloud Computing's Next Challenge

Earlier this month, Melvin Greer and I teamed up on a Military Information Technology piece. Melvin is a senior research engineer and cloud computing chief architect at Lockheed Martin, and a member of NCOIC’s Cloud Computing Working Group (CCWG). Titled "Cloud Computing's next Challenge", the article provides an update on the work being done by the NCOIC CCWG. After focusing on cloud computing interoperability and portability issues, the group is expanding it's collaboration efforts with other cloud computing organizations. The CCWG’s initial efforts are focused on developing a hybrid cloud computing (HCC) capability pattern.

This net-centric pattern contains a set of instructions based on expert guidance that, when applied correctly, gives developers pragmatic advice about building interoperable products and systems. It also includes recommendations about which open standards developers should use in conjunction with the pattern. The HCC pattern could also support “tactical cloud computing,” which is typically defined as localized, short-lived information access and processing infrastructures.

Read the article for more information on the NCOIC's cloud computing efforts.

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