Tuesday, November 11, 2008

President-Elect Obama: Good for Cloud Computing

In his article, "What Does Obama Revolution Mean to Cloud Computing", Krishnan Subramanian lays out a rosy picture for cloud computing:
  • Protecting the openness of Internet: crucial for cloud computing innovation and ensuring vendor diversity.
  • Safeguarding our right to Privacy: By safeguarding our right to privacy, Barack Obama's administration can help remove this concern in the minds of users regarding putting their data on the Clouds.
  • Opening up government to its citizens and bringing the government to 21st century: By moving important public government data to the Cloud, it is possible to provide a more transparent form of government.
  • Deploy next generation broadband and extend it to every single American including those who live in rural areas: Ubiquitous availability of broadband is required for the success of Cloud Computing.
  • Broad adoption of standards based health record systems: A healthcare SaaS system. Perfect for the cloud.
  • Climate friendly energy development and deployment: A lower cost of infrastructure means a much higher savings for the customers of Cloud Computing technologies.

If the President-elect follows through on these policies, the Federal marketplace will truly be the place for cloud vendors to thrive.

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