Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blogsphere Clouds - May 16, 2008

The cloud is billowing in the blogsphere !!

Virtual Computing in the Cloud -- How a Universal Dialtone Will ...
Virtual Cloud Computing represents the next wave of virtualization and offers significant market opportunities by providing a new, simpler, and much more pervasive platform for on-demand, desktop and application service delivery. ... Latest News from AJAXWORLD MAGAZINE -

Virtualization Viewpoint: Cloud Computing Casts Shadow on Walled ...
As a technology provider that helps application companies embrace cloud computing by virtualizing the applications to run on any cloud, I was a bit disappointed with Google's appengine announcement. It appears that Google is embracing ... Latest News from ENTERPRISE OPEN SOURCE MAGAZINE -

The Missing Piece in Cloud Computing: Middleware Virtualization
To achieve the full potential of 'cloud computing' we need a broader definition of virtualization, and that is the complete de-coupling of the logical components of an application (represented by the software stack) and the physical ... Latest News from JAVA DEVELOPER'S JOURNAL -
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