Friday, September 19, 2008

A Bill to Outlaw Cloud Computing.....

... is what we may see if we don't educate our lawmakers now! That seemed to be one of the main point at last week's Google workshop in DC. Berin Szoka's post accurately outlines the challenge using a matrix and the Wuala backup service as an example.

"[R]egulations imposed on companies storing users’ personal data may stymie peer-to-peer backup applications like Wuala, which distributes each user’s backup data to other users, but uses encryption to prevent users from accessing the data they’re storing for others. Wuala might be forced to close down if regulations requiring companies to keep records for a set period of time or follow separate procedures for minors were interpreted to apply to each Wuala user."

Let's heed the warning because we all know how dense Congress can be !!
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